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19:00 UK time, Friday, 1 April 2011

I can't be the only one to be fed up with the use of Brian Cox's grinning mug to illustrate anything remotely to do with science in the media? He's been staring out at me pretty much everytime I go to the BBC pages or Guardian homepage lately.
Jenny, Manchester

Isn't the Daily Telegraph David Willetts piece on the evils of feminism an April Fools?
John, Manchester, England

I've been staring at this picture for 10 minutes, just trying to see the resemblance. I've looked at it frontways, sideways, upside-down, in the mirror... and it's still just not happening!

Oooh, hang on, I've spotted the 'tache! I'm sure all will become clear from here on out. Or not...
Jaci, London Colney

I refuse to comment on any stories today in case I didn't spot the April Fool.
Graham, Hayle

Regarding this story, if only he hadn't been sacked, by now he could've been claiming on cell 536b as his second home...
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Er, that story about RAF Lossiemouth being considered as a spaceport? It's not a prank. We've reported on it on The Engineer
Stuart Nathan, London

If we were able to Like/+1 the addition of a Like/+1 button on the Monitor's pages I'd Like/+1 it.
Paul I, St. G, Cornwall

I was curious to read that ' industry actors ... often perform under pseudonyms to shield friends, family and future employers from their careers.' Do they understand that people will still recognise them, even if they use a different name...?
Sue, London

In this story, "He is due to marry long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton. The demands of the job and the skills involved were immediately apparent to Prince William on assuming duty, he said." I think many men will sympathise with that feeling.
Rick P, Cambridge, UK

Hello! Long time no see...
Mark Williamson, Loughton, Essex

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