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12:27 UK time, Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

The Daily Telegraph's front page is adorned with a photograph of Nigella Lawson, on the beach, clad in swimwear.

So far, so customary for the newspaper formerly known as the Hurleygraph.

Except that the television chef, celebrated by the paper for her "Rubenesque curves", is clan head-to-toe in a black "burkini" - a "sharia-compliant" swimming costume sold by an east London company.

The paper quotes a spokesman for Ms Lawson insisting that the garment was chosen to protect herself from sunburn, and not because she had converted to Islam.

But the Telegraph fails to hide its disappointment at missing out on a glipse of her "voluptuous figure".

The Daily Mirror disapproves, on grounds of style.

Fashion editor Didi Danso says that black is a "terrible choice" on the beach and she is "not sure it would look good clinging to any woman".

The Daily Mail is more pointed. It asks: "Why bother going on the beach, then?"

Far be it for Paper Monitor to presume to know what motivates Ms Lawson. But perhaps she judged the ridicule she endured for donning the burkini was preferable to the scrutiny she would have been subject to by reporters on Fleet Street had she opted for something less modest?

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