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Paper Monitor

11:41 UK time, Friday, 15 April 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

It being Friday, and this week having felt especially long and arduous, Paper Monitor turns to the morning's newsprint in search of animal stories. PM is not left wanting.

The Daily Mail has a marvellous half-page photo of two red deer engaging in what its headline describes as "country dancing".

A glance further down the page reveals the pair are actually having a fight. PM is no less charmed. Because the Mail's subs offer further illustrations of two hares boxing in the Scottish Borders.

In the Times is an illuminating article about Boston, Massachusetts, which has witnessed the opening of no fewer than three luxury dog hotels over the past five weeks.

For up to $150 (£90) a night, canines can relax with the aid of en suite rooms, minibars stocked with treats and flat-screen televisions showing Animal Planet. At one, The Urban Hound, staff "will climb into bed with their guests".

For good measure, the article is accompanied by a photo of a golden retriever having a manicure.

Lastly, the Guardian has a picture of a group of swans feeding on grain in Dorset. No news peg is offered. But with the weekend looming, frankly, who needs one?

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