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10:40 UK time, Thursday, 14 April 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

In the Daily Mail, there is a very thoughtful piece about the gang culture blighting young people in London and other British cities.

It's by Harriet Sergeant, who is both freelance journalist and serious academic and has spent a year investigating gangs. Some familiar arguments are revisited, but the intro stands out.

Lips is a 15-year-old member of a South London gang whom I befriended two years ago.
"Harriet, I need your help, innit?" I imagined he was going to ask for my advice about a job or qualifications.
Instead, he held out six bullets. Would I look after them for him?
"The Feds [police] don't come to your yard [home]," he said, "and my mum wants them out of the house. She found them in the sugar."


That really is deep cover by the standards of the average Mail report.

Moving to lighter territory, there's a story that's impossible to resist.

The Sun, Metro and probably various others have a story of such exquisite loveliness it transports Paper Monitor back to its days on local papers.

A billboard firm has had to apologise after it placed an advert for TV drama The Walking Dead... next to a funeral home.

It was in the Northern Echo (Harold Evans' old paper) yesterday.


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