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17:29 UK time, Thursday, 7 April 2011

I was impressed by the comparison between yesterday's "Gauguin painting in Washington DC attacked by woman" and today's "Jack Wills forced to withdraw 'overtly sexual' images". Prudishness presents its own risks to children - The unfortunate Ms Burns was one once.
NN, Victoria, Canada

How do you build a 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier? With ‎65,000 tonnes of metal, a hammer and a screwdriver?
Gavin Sykes @BBC News Magazine

Sorry, but until someone Photoshops a Routemaster onto the deck of that aircraft carrier, there's no way I can get an accurate sense of how big it is.
Sue, London

"Will spaceflight always have an element of danger?" Seeing as how you can trip over a loose shoelace and come to an untimely demise I would suggest that spaceflight would indeed always have an element of danger. Even in slip-ons.
Clive DuPort, Vale, Guernsey

Dear Basil (Wednesday's letters), you misunderstand. Someone was spraying the ASA, presumably to ensure they kept cool.
Fred, Rotherham

Toby (Wednesday's letters), that illustration only shows four turbine units. The second tower has no turbines and is presumably some kind of maintenance/control station.
Mark, Dingwall, Scotland

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