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15:08 UK time, Thursday, 31 March 2011

"And when all they can hear is silence the passengers will know they're in space". Can you hear silence? I'd imagine they would be hearing a lot of whoops and hoorays and wows from their fellow passengers.
Martin, Bristol, UK

Why the article connecting Fabio Capello's vocab and writing something meaningful using just 100 words? Has there ever been a correlation between the two?
Liz, Poole

I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a house that looked like former Prime Minister John Major somewhere in South West London. Perhaps somewhere just off the Kingston bypass? I really wish I could remember where it was.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

Re: Paper Monitor and "here comes yet another bride". Now if someone could pursuade my partner of nine years and the father of my child with whom I live. Hedoesn't want to marry me.
Anita Edmunds @BBC News Magazine

What "other marriage scheduled for this spring"?
Rob Mimpriss, Bangor, Wales

Toby (Wednesday's letters), maybe it's because those who reach 85 are really happy to still be alive?
Libby, Coleford, Somerset

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