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15:36 UK time, Friday, 18 March 2011

When you write "best-remembered", what precisely do you mean? Do you mean "best-remembered by people under 30", or "seen by more people", or even just "most recently in the public eye" (as in "you know, that bloke who...")? I refer of course to the late great Michael Gough. You state he is "best-remembered" for four rubbish Batman movies. Not to this old Hammer fan he's not. For me he will always be best-remembered for his role as Arthur Holmwood in Terence Fisher's Dracula'(1958), starring Christopher Lee (who, no doubt when he goes to the Great Green Room in the Sky, you will probably describe as "best-remembered for being in a couple of Star Wars films).
Rob, London, UK

Why do people tell sick jokes about tragedies? I was watching a documentary about humour once and one of the theories is that its got to do with the primeval instinct of fear that it could happen to you and the release of that fear/panic. A bit like laughing after being on a scary roller coaster ride, or an extreme version of laughing when people fall over.
Kerin Ingman @BBC News Magazine
With the incessant coverage of Kate's "catwalk dress", am I alone in thinking of "The Emperor's New Clothes" every time the "dress" is displayed?
David, Jerusalem

And when it comes to subtlety and nuance, Dr Double notes, 140 characters makes life difficult. He metions Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr - who are the other 138?
Ralph, Cumbria

More visited, yes. More popular? No.
Obi, Hebden Bridge

To Ray (Thursday's letters) There *is* a lack of interest in telling people about one's lack of interest here. That's why no-one wrote in to talk about it.
Joel, Hamburg, Germany

Re: the 10 Things lunch. I'm sorry, the foil "thing" should be unwrapped. There could be anything in there. And while I am willing to concede that the packets of crisps can be counted as individual entities (although two packets of crisps is seriously unimaginative and unhealthy) those carrots are quite clearly more than one item. Unidentified items in the bagging area I think.
Vicky, East London

Dear Monitor, could we have a "like" button under each letter? There could be an awards ceremony for the most liked letter at the end of the year.
Sarah, Camberley

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