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15:55 UK time, Friday, 11 March 2011

ZX81: Remembering a small black box of computing desire. Oh how I remember having the 16k memory pack, pressing on the space bar meant the the connection pivoted and losing the program you had spent so long keying in. Tomorrows World broadcasting a program via the chirps over TV speaker.
David Mark Loraine @BBC News Magazine

The first computer I ever used. It started my interest in computers for which people are prepared to pay me. Nice.
John Airey @BBC News Magazine

Re: New fertility method to be probed. But I thought...
Phil, Gloucester

"Sacked Sheen Sues Shows Makers." Going in for the tongue twister style headline now eh? You will be getting the bill from my dentist any day now.
Vicky, East London

Try and say this headline repeatedly and without making any mistakes!
Martin, Bristol, UK

On the subject of penile spines, may I just say a loud 'phew' on behalf of us ladies out here!
Jackie, Edinburgh

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