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15:48 UK time, Friday, 4 March 2011

"Student feedback for this event was uniformly positive," Prof Bailey said. I'll bet it was. People usually have to pay for that sort of thing.
Sarah, Basel, Switzerland

Re: Can you spot a good school from stats? If you want training for the jobs market possibly yes. If you want proper education then perhaps no.
Linda Thomas @BBC News Magazine

It's no surprise that so many people are staring at Bum Cam. They're all wondering if that peculiar square bulge is actually a camera, and if so why?
Graham, Purmerend

Re: Are rising bird of prey numbers a problem? We fiddled with the natural balance of things and now its not in our favour we complain? *rolleyes*
Sharon Barrett @BBC News Magazine

So prescription charges are increasing yet again to £7.40. But it's ok, because 90% of prescriptions are free of charge. I'm not sure I see the logic there - that means when I pay for a prescription I'm also paying for 9 other people's. Why not make the prescription charge 74p and charge for all prescriptions, the income to the NHS would be the same and we wouldn't feel so ripped off when charged £7.40 for four pills, as has happened to me in the past.
Amanda, London

What worries me most about the story "Ministry of Defence denies paying £22 for 65p bulb" is that presumably the contract went out to tender and the MoD selected the least expensive tender.
Ed Loach, Clacton, UK

Come on MM - if you really must use photos of random celebs to illustrate a story on central heating then you could at least use people who are vaguely relevant to the subject matter. The Three Degrees, perhaps. Or Christopher Plummer.
Sue, London

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