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16:44 UK time, Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Re Paper Monitor: "An uneconomical 50mph"? I have been under the impression that 56mph is the driving speed for optimum efficiency since I passed my test nearly 20 years ago, when I drove at this speed all the way from Cumbria to Newquay. I look forward to finding out the speed at which we should have driven in tomorrow's letters.
Phil, Hackney, London

Dave (Monday's letters), sorry for the delay, I would suggest you refer to him as a dimTwit
Ellie, Herts

To David, Romford, UK (Monday's letters) surely a "noun-entity" or an "adject-failure" might be appropriate. As for those who use Twitter to share their inppropriate comments, they should, of course, be known as "Twits"...
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Today's Paper Monitor is quite right that there are some "go to" photos that are standard for certain topics. For instance, Colin Firth for an article about stammering.

But given this country's huge alcohol problems, shouldn't there be a handy "go to" photo for articles about the excesses of drink? Any ideas, anyone? There must be one somewhere...
Simon Varwell, UK

It is of interest to me that neither the article about King John, nor the letters mention Stephen Langton. William Marshall, deservedly, at least gets some comment in the letters, but not Langton.
David Dupee, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

I'm sure I've read this article before somewhere.
Phil, Guisborough

Procrastinating whilst writing my Drugs of Abuse essay because I have no idea what to write, I come across this page coincidence?
Francesca, Blyton

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