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10:45 UK time, Monday, 7 March 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

It's not so much about words in the newspapers today, more about the numbers - the biggest shocker being 23. Pretty insignificant on its own, but jaw dropping when placed after the words "gran at..." Gulp.

And here's the all-important sums that make Rifca Stanescu, who lives in Romania, the world's youngest grandmother. She was 12 when she had her daughter Maria, who then gave birth to a son aged just 11. Just to hammer home how shocking this is, the Sun reminds us that the UK's youngest gran is 26 - positively geriatric.

The Express provides another shocker - 19,000. The amount of pounds a council apparently spent on a magician to boost staff morale after announcing £1.4m in cuts. He uses conjuring skills to make people "feel better about themselves and avoid conflict at work". It's also the number of malicious e-mails sent last year to government departments every month, according to the Times. Now that's when you know you're pretty unpopular.

But number don't feature too heavily in the Daily Mail today. When it comes to filling large, empty pages in a newspaper, it has a couple of preferred ways. Pictures of cute animals, pictures of female celebrities without any make-up on and pictures of celebrity doppelgangers.

It's the latter, with a slight twist, that fills pages 32 and 33 of the paper today. Under the rather cutting headline "Antiques Clone Show" it has a double-page spread showing "how today's starts are turning into yesterday's famous faces". Harsh for those who find themselves in the "yesterday" category.

Could Julia Roberts turn out looking like Catherine Deneuve it asks, Liz Hurley like Joan Collins, Rachel Stevens like Raquel Welch and Kate Moss like, err, Gillian Taylforth? Ouch.

But maybe the celebrity who can take the most offence from the "article" is Letitia Dean, aka Eastender's Sharon Watts. Who will she look like when she is older? Actually, she's lumped in with the oldies. Her younger lookalike being Chelsy Davy. That's got to hurt at just 43 years of age.

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