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13:34 UK time, Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Newspapers basically present two views of the world.

One - the world of page leads - is all about wars and interest rates and coalition governments.

The other is all about animals doing strange things and people committing odd minor crimes.

Welcome to the world of the "nib". The nib or news-in-brief, ostensibly exists to fill the small gaps in newspapers cheaply.

They are often strangely entertaining. Take for example, the Sun's report of a couple who has repeatedly fled their home after witnessing a series of terrifying haunts and capturing flying orbs on CCTV.

But they can sometimes be both poignant and bizarre.

The Daily Mirror recounts the sad plight of a crocodile. The paper warns that the Polish police are on the hunt for the person who strangled a five-foot croc and left the body in a Polish forest.

In other animal-related news, the Sun tells us that a lonely rescue pup might finally get a home thanks to the wonders of mouthwash.

Tommy, a retired racing greyhound, had been rejected by 300 potential owners because of bad breath caused by gingivitis and immune system problems.

The shelter hopes the dog's new minty fresh muzzle will help him finally get a home.

It might be easy to fix a case of stale breath, but the Daily Star reports that Portsmouth council has made a mistake that's a bit more costly.

In a mix-up, the new Olympic-size swimming pool is 2in too short when timing devices for elite swimmers are installed.

Just about the size of the perfect nib.

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