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16:51 UK time, Friday, 25 February 2011

With regard to the new red meat guidelines, I am suspicious of any advice which specifies a McDonald's Big Mac as the healthiest option.
ThomsonsPier, Reading, UK

My two-year-old niece swears there is an alligator behind the curtain in her house. After this story, I'm thinking there is some merit to her story.
Rachel Fox, East Leake, Notts

Moose (Thursday's letters) that's not the only thing they got wrong: Israel isn't even in Europe, so it's denying us our well-deserved second place in the women's tables!
Amanda, London

Re the fox in the Shard. "If foxes were meant to be 72 storeys off the ground, they would have evolved wings." Ditto for Humans. That's why I'm scared of heights.
Rob, London

Do they do Rasberry Nipple?
Mike, Newcastle upon Tyne

Some BBC nominative determinism in longhand journalism? (John Hand quote on taking a written exam...)
Axel, Edinburgh

Re: Peter Bowden (Letters, Thursday) - the preferred adjective is Scotch, it is only generally seen as a pejorative if not relating to food or drink, see for example the Scotch Beef/Lamb Clubs.
Luke, Edinburgh

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