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17:28 UK time, Wednesday, 23 February 2011

"Given out for up to three months" - Did anyone else open this expecting to find a story about the world's worst cricketer.
Marc, Oldham, UK

'Given out for up to three months' Seems a bit harsh - even Ricky Ponting only got given out once an innings.
Edward Green, London, UK

"It is unbelievably cynical to criticise 'non-jobs' that don't even exist." What do you call a non-job that doesn't exist? A non-non-job? Not-even-a-non-job? A job?
Basil Long, Nottingham

To Bob of Leeds (Tuesday's letters), afraid it gets more complex than that.

True time is actually UT1 (Universal Time) which is based upon the rotation of the Earth where as TAI (International Atomic Time) is based on a weighted average of over 200 caesium clocks which are cross checked by satellites.

UTC (Universal Time Co-ordinated) is only known accurately in retrospect, so if you set your watch by it you'll be a month late as the International Bureau of Weights and Measures publishes monthly tables of differences between canonical UTC and UTC as estimated in real time by participating laboratories.

Because of time dilation, a standard clock not on the geoid, or in rapid motion, will not maintain synchronicity with UTC, hence a requirement for this method of "co-ordinating" the time and making periodical adjustments.

So as everything is either averaged or adjusted regularly I think we are safe to use GMT, apart from the fact that the term GMT means the astronomical day starts a noon and the civil day starts at midnight...
Simon, London - near(ish) to the Prime Meridian

Re: the "Study shows Welsh sheep 'more clever than thought'" article, surely the institute carrying out the previous research into sheep deserves a nominative determinism mention?
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Define front line say MPs . Easy. If you're fighting in a warzone you're in a front line service. Otherwise your job is at risk.
Ed Loach, Clacton, UK

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