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15:50 UK time, Friday, 18 February 2011

Re: Recycling Bins. I've been harping on about this for years. When I lived in California I could get PAID to re-cycle stuff by saving old Aluminium Cans (crushed) glass bottles and newspapers. Then, once I had enough I'd take them down to one of many places where I was paid.. by weight... for these items. Someone (Councils?) is making a killing from us. Pay us to re-cycle and you'll soon see a lot more people willing to do it.
Mike Logan, Sheffield, England

Re: What do you put in nine bins? Here in Norwich we have a comparitively meagre five bins, with an optional garden waste bin making for a sixth. It could not be easier to sort rubbish into these bins, and the vague sense of smugness at somehow single-handedly saving the world from global warming more than compensates for any hassle.
Incidentally, if you're throwing away a bag of textiles a week, there's something wrong with you.
Melissa , Norwich

Speaking of unacceptable restaurant behavior, we recently suggested to a couple of ladies that their teeth brushing would be better placed in the restroom than at the table. THEY were horrified at US.
Jill B., Detroit, USA

Surely the police involved in this investigation should simply be looking for a very casual clown?
I'll get me revolving bow tie...
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Daniel (Thursday's letters), your comment is outrageous and irresponsible: cats should *only* go in the organic waste bin.
The Cat Catcher of TW1, Twickenham

Ellie (Thursday's letters), I've been having the exact same problem. I spent several minutes trying to figure that one out, using the same strategy as I would on a spot-the-difference puzzle.
Jaci, London Colney

Was it just me who was disappointed that this story wasn't about Bigfoot the burglar?
Louise W, Windsor, UK

Re: "Scientists build first anti-laser." Can they now develop the anti-laser printer so we can put in unwanted printouts and get nice, shiny blank paper to use again?
Clive DuPort, Vale, Guernsey

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