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15:42 UK time, Friday, 4 February 2011

I would like to emphasise that the word "sexier" is a relative term.
Colin Main, Luton, UK

Re: "New Yorkers who go to our parks and beaches for some fresh air and fun will be able to breathe even cleaner air". That is, or course, if you ignore the fumes from the thousands of cars. trucks and taxis...
Ann, Orpington

Paper Monitor doesn't merit a wikipedia page, but Magazine Monitor does? Envious, much, PM?
HelenSaxon, London, UK

Close enough?
Natasha, London

Subtle, PM. Very subtle.
Kaylie, Runcorn, UK

Re: Thursday's Paper Monitor, Heston Blumenthals new restaurant, Nothing very original about eating pigs ears. Over here they (and tails)are commonly served boiled, cut up & eaten as an appetiser, tasty!
Ian William Johnson, Paris, France

I'm 100% certain I will be the only person to point this out, so feel it is my civic duty to do so... Mike (Thursday's letters), have you tried folding this magazine? My LCD screen made some funny patterns when I tried.
David, Cannock, UK

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