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12:04 UK time, Monday, 28 February 2011

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The Sun takes a leaf out of the Taiwanese news today.

NMA World Edition has gained a level of viral fame for its animations of news events like Tiger Woods's accident.

It's a simple idea - if you can't get pictures from an event, why not make them up? According to what you think happened. Job done.

The Sun on page four has a big spread on the rescue of British workers from the Libyan desert and from it we learn that the SAS men reportedly involved probably crouched and pointed their weapons while people were boarding.

And speaking of having to fill a news hole, the early editions of the newspapers have to deal with the fact it's Oscar night but the action takes place with a total disregard for newspaper deadlines.

So you then have lots of holding pieces, informed by the educated guesses of night editors and their film buff lackeys.

The Daily Mail goes minimal on the Oscars, a picture of Joan Collins and another of a pregnant Natalie Portman on page three and then just a big link to the website.

The Times has a weird choice of Oscar story on page five where it has Melissa Leo saying it's time for someone else to win. Most news junkie readers will have known Leo had won by the time they picked up their Times.

It's all a bit like the Orbital song Time Becomes [a Loop].

Kind of.

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