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12:23 UK time, Monday, 21 February 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

The Sun "goes big" in newspaper parlance, on the story of Britain's largest teenager.

The girl has been followed by the newspaper for some time. She was 33 stone by the age of 15, managed to lose 15 stone at a fat camp aged 16, before hitting 40 stone at the age of 17.

There's a two-page spread with all the bells and whistles. A box from Sun reporter Sharon Hendry lightly casts doubt on the health credentials of the part of South Wales that the girl is from.

"I had my doubts about how her strictly-controlled diet and exercise regime would translate back to Aberdare."

It's all very poignantly and sensitively handled until the Sun casts around for a graphical way to convey the girl's weight.

She weighs the equivalent of 619 tins of beans, 113 house bricks or a single Harley Davidson sportster. Those comparisons pale by comparison to the Sun's suggestion that the girl is equal to four Amir Khans.

The Mail on Sunday drummed up some controversy/publicity around Jamie's Dream School on Channel 4 with its headline: "Boys told to give sperm samples for Jamie show."

The best bit is the totally deadpan line: "A Channel 4 source insisted viewers would not see the samples being collected."

Thanks for making that clear.

Over in the Guardian's media section, Paper Monitorites can get some real industry inside gen with an interview with Peter Hill, departing Daily Express editor.
He expresses regret over the paper's expensive libelling of the parents of Madeleine McCann, but Roy Greenslade does not press him on a question every Paper Monitor fan would want answering:

What is the basis for the legend "The World's Greatest Newspaper" in the Express masthead?

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