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11:13 UK time, Thursday, 17 February 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture in question today may not be the most exciting you have ever seen, or the most glamourous, but it does the job beautifully.

The Daily Mail and the Express have a photo of Sylvia and Nick Butler outside their terraced house in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

It's to go with a story about the over-the-top approach taken by some councils to recycling. Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is the worst offender, making householders sort their waste into NINE different bins.

And there the couple are, with their nine bins arranged in descending order of size in front of their home. They have a different one for food slops, clothing, plastic, paper, carboard, food waste, cans and bottles, normal refuse and, finally, garden waste.

Confusing? Just a bit. For starters Paper Monitor would like to know what the difference between "food slops" and "food waste" is. And why does paper and cardboard need to be separated?

Elsewhere, it's Bieber fever in the newspapers. That's teen star Justin Bieber for anyone over the age of 16. He was at the London premiere of his film, Never Say Never, last night. So were most of the country's teenagers - and a few unfortunate adults.

Ian Smith for one went far above and beyond the call of duty as an uncle. The 49-year-old engineer had been sent by his niece to get the star's autograph after she came down with flu. He told the Daily Mail:

The screaming is ear-piercing but I think I've just about got used to it after six hours.

Give that man a medal. And a Bieber autograph.

The Daily Telegraph has a full-page feature on the success of the teen star. Writer Helen Brown nicely sums up what makes him so popular with young girls.

You make a teenage heart-throb by polishing up the boy next door and getting him to sing sweetly of love, at an age when the real boys next door are only lying around grunting.

Ain't that the truth. But what really caught Paper Monitor's eye was a picture in the Daily Mail of Gillian McKeith arriving at the premiere with her teenage daughter, Skylar McKeith-Magaziner. What a splendid moniker. Are her parents fans of a certain Magazine by any chance?

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