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13:19 UK time, Friday, 21 January 2011

Re: Live chicken thrown at KFC staff: "Inspector Helen Smith, from the RSPCA, said the bird was not harmed but did suffer some distress.". So I'm guessing it had to deal with the counter staff but didn't actually eat any of the food.
Joel, Hamburg, Germany

Martin (Thursday's letters) - I feel much the same way about non-Christians automatically getting the Christmas holidays off. I don't think we'll win this one though.
Sarah, Warrington

Martin (Thursday's letters): As a contractor I don't get paid when I don't/can't work, meaning that I would love to go about as if the Royal Wedding was a normal day. I wish them well and all that, but their happiness seems to come at the price of a day of my wages.
Joseph, London

Re: Martin (Thursday's letters) and "that wedding". I haven't been motivated enough to express my disinterest BUT I shall be working as normal. Like many self-employed people I cannot afford to take an unpaid holiday.
Graham, Hayle, Cornwall

In the 10 things, "President Kennedy's famous line "Do not ask..." was inspired by the headmaster of his prep school." Is that "Do not ask, do not tell"? Hmmm....

Martin, Luxembourg

How appropriate that this story about animals living in the soil should appear in Earth News.
David, Romford, UK

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