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15:56 UK time, Thursday, 20 January 2011

Funny thing - as an unemployed person I'm constantly told by the JobCentre that I should take any work, over any hours, for any money, regardless of how desirable the job may or may not be. Then this happens, which kind of undermines the whole thing.
MK, Greater Manchester

Re: What is Baroness Warsi's "dinner table test"? I cannot imagine sitting round the same table as George Osborne or any of the heads of our great British banks, something I suspect the Baroness would be quite comfortable with, but each to his own.

Firstly warsi's dinner table is a metaphor so people should not be asking etiquette experts to comment. Come on BBC grow up. Secondly what a group of friends discuss anywhere together is their business and will always reflect current news and affairs.

I don't really understand how this situation can arise. ALL public sector workers earning over £21k = pay freeze. MPS are both public sector employees and earning over £21k, therefore the freeze should override any other rules. Simple.
Mel, Newcastle, UK

Re: Why are phone books getting thinner? BT has also made the typeface smaller so much so that I can no longer read it even with my new varifocal spectacles. I have to use a magnifying glass. When contacted they offered free access to their online service provided I had a recognised eye disease or was registered blind! Funnily enough the page trumpeting their sponsorship of the Olympics was in a large, clear type.
Mary Redman, Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex

I have just received my "new-size" phone book. I have average vision, but the combination of poor, grey recycled paper and tiny type-size makes it impossible to read in normal indoor light. Whatever became of accessibility? Does it not apply to BT?
Nick , Wakefield UK

I assume then that all of these people who just have to voice their lack of interest in the forthcoming Royal Wedding, (Wednesdays Letters) will truly nail their colours to the mast and have the same attitude to the accompanying bank holiday and will just go about that day as if it was normal working Friday. I suspect not, and I would be hugely disappointed by that.
Martin, High Wycombe, UK

I'm with you Tony Maye (Wednesday's letters), thought of 100 days of boring drivel to get through before the great event makes me wish I'd emigrated.
Pamela Read, London UK

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