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15:22 UK time, Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Re: Can Kate Middleton's dress stay a secret? I'm like most people. The wedding is good news, and I wish the pair of them well, but beyond that I really struggle to find the time or the energy to care about it.
Craig Williams @BBC News Magazine

I wish they'd keep the ruddy wedding a secret.
Tony Maye @BBC News Magazine

Re: Why are phone books getting thinner? We are told that the saving in paper is three times the weight of the London Eye. Does this join the London bus and Olympic swimming pools as an approved unit of measure?
Francis, Watford

Nelson's Column for height, a double decker bus for length, and now...the London Eye makes its debut as a measure of weight. Bravo.
Aaron, Lowestoft, UK

Michael Thomas (Tuesday's letters), apparently part of the wall driving brigade.
LC, London

Michael Thomas, (Tuesday's letters), can I add Tsars to your wishlist ? Do you really have to be a Russian aristocrat to be nominally in charge of anything these days?
Paul, Ipswich

SS, (Tuesday's letters), another difference is there are very few stay at-home dads who breastfeed their babies. Well I would assume so, anyway.
Caroline Brown, Rochester

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