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15:54 UK time, Monday, 10 January 2011

Re: Are David and Victoria Beckham likely to have a fourth boy? If this is the only issue BBC News can come up with then they should look harder at what is happening in the world! Who the hell cares what the Beckham's have, it could be a puppy for all I care!
Dee A Smith @BBC News Magazine

Regarding the Beckhams, I'm just glad there are still some things that obscene amounts of money can't truly guarantee.
Karen Cuthbert @BBC News Magazine

Can the tone deaf learn to sing? Shaun ryder managed it. Kerching, back of the net, mine's a pint.
Ste McGee @BBC News Magazine

After reading the headline Ginger 'irresistible to beetles' I expected a juicy story about Paul McCartney being obsessed with Geri Halliwell. How disappointing.
Janine, Winchester

Is it not just the smudged and running mascara that's a turn-off?
Mike, Newcastle upon Tyne

Jo (Friday's letters), the Geneva Cross is in fact only the red cross formed by joining five red squares - other varieties of red cross are permitted, such as that which appears on St George's flag.
Jim, Coventry

The real life Good Samaritan stories really brightened up my Friday. Please can we hear some every week?
Ellie, Oxford

Thank you for the Good Samaritan stories. They're wonderful and make me cry.
Danny, Amersham, UK

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