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10:37 UK time, Friday, 21 January 2011

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It's hard being a celebrity sometimes. US rapper P Diddy is in town and he has a cold. Sorry, he has "flu". Whatever, he's not feeling too well at all. But being the trooper he is, he soldiers on with his commitments. These seem to consist of plugging everything from his album to his own-brand vodka.

Of course, being so ill he needs some help. This consisted of a 40-strong entourage when he visited the Sun's offices to be interviewed. Yes, that's a four followed by a nought. The crew included someone to comb his hair during the interview, someone to spray his hands with sanitiser and someone to type for him during an online question and answer session.

The parents of severely disabled Celyn Williams must surely feel they are living in an alternate universe, if they have read about the hardship Mr Diddy is currently having to endure. The story of how they have been pushed to the limit trying to look after their six-year-old daughter is in all the papers.

Celyn is blind, quadriplegic, has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and needs round-the-clock attention. They get just six hours a week respite care from social services. Unable to cope, they have now said they have no choice but to put their daughter into full-time care.

"All I am asking for is a little more support," Ceryn's mother, Riven Vincent, tells the Times. In the Daily Telegraph, she says she is "crumbling" under the relentless pressure of looking after her daughter.

But the chances are that without someone to go to the shop for them and buy the Sun and without someone to open it for them, and without someone to read it to them, and without someone to look after Celyn for them so they can concentrate on what is being read to them, they haven't had a chance to catch up on poor Mr Diddy's troubles. Maybe he could send some of his 40-strong entourage over to help.

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