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11:13 UK time, Monday, 10 January 2011

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Well, it's arrived. The story capable of knocking this year's royal nuptials off the front page. The story that will give Wills and Kate a run for their money when it comes to column inches. The story that will have us shouting "enough already" at our paper by tomorrow, but will run for months and months. Yes, the Beckhams are expecting their fourth child.

The Sun says news of the pregnancy has "stunned" fans because there is NO sign of a bump.

Translated this means the paper is stunned (and extremely annoyed) that it didn't managed to find out before the Beckham's decided to announce it publicly. Missing the chance to break it to the world will mean slapped wrists all round at the Sun HQ today.

Even in the Daily Mail, news of another Beckham baby relegates today's royal wedding story to page 19. The paper is very concerned about her being an "older mother" and helpfully lists all the increased dangers of having a child over the age of 35. She is 36.

To other important news, George Clooney is in South Sudan. Many of the papers, including The Times and Daily Telegraph, feature big pictures of him bathed in a golden light, all white teeth and twinkling eyes, shaking hands with politicians.

How exciting, he's Hollywood royalty after all. Almost as exciting as millions of people voting in a landmark referendum on independence after two decades of war and five years of uneasy peace, which is why he's actually in the country. But not quite. Obviously.

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