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Your Letters

15:21 UK time, Wednesday, 29 December 2010

So we won some boring cricket game. Is that a good reason to be horrible to one of our country's best friends and allies? I would dump this country in a heartbeat for Australia, given the chance. The fact that they are rubbish at sport will only make it feel more like home.
Karen von Cripps, London

I question the accuracy of the report on hamsters and spiders falling out of aeroplanes. Although I realise that a proper survey is difficult due to the random nature of their landings, I would maintain that when spiders say they didn't feel the impact, it's merely bravado, and that they wince and rub their feet when the interview is over.
Graham, Purmerend

"Could we get an elevator to the moon?" So, you've already assumed it wouldn't be someone from the UK to invent it then?
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

If this really is going to simulate "everything" that is happening on Earth, won't that include a simulation of the simulation? And a simulation of the simulation of the simulation? (This could be the longest letter of all time).
Francis Kates, Watford

Re. Birds in winter, I hope the birds in my isolated garden have made it, we fed them through the cold spell, even got a jay, which seems rare here.

The article "A real Good Samaritan" actually brought a tear to my eye. Lucky I've currently got an eye infection that makes my eyes water so no one at work noticed.
John, Edinburgh, UK

Re: Tim (Letters, Tuesday) There is no Q in the Welsh alphabet.
Alex, Hull

Re: Tim's letter (Tuesday) the Welsh alphabet has 28 letters, two more than the English one (although, to be fair, eight of them are digraphs). There is no letter Q in the Welsh alphabet - the "q" sound is represented by the letters "cw". But allow me to be first in the "ciw" to wish you a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.
Helene Parry, S Wales expat to Twickenham

I see SNCF has its own department of feeble excuses - "the train decided to replace its driver" Even the perpetrators of "the wrong kind of snow" would blench at that one!
Keith, Cambridge, UK

Is it just me, or was the neanderthal image here modelled on Robert Winston?
Ian Deaville, Solihull, UK

Midwives call for 'seismic shift'. Oh dear, in my day you just had to push harder.
Anne, Chester

No hope for us when the Welsh suffer from leaks, is there?
Rahere, Smithfield

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