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Paper Monitor

10:20 UK time, Thursday, 30 December 2010

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

With the snow having vanished in many places, the post-Christmas news drought is biting hard.

Journalists are, like hungry blackbirds, forced into sustained pecking and rootling if they want to find the odd juicy worm.

Paper Monitor finds itself unmoved by the Times headline: "A rose by many other names: the thorny problem of duplication on world plant list."

Err, right.

The paper does squeeze in a nib about a chameleon being rescued from a tree in Swindon.

But closer investigation reveals that the story is not new.

Those papers which are not totally news reliant (Daily Star) don't have any problems filling their pages.

A tale of a man building a jet-powered portable lavatory in the US fills one page.

Of course, the far-more-sensible Daily Mail also finds space for it (in the online version at least - someone has nicked Paper Monitor's paper version).

Paper Monitor finds itself enjoying the Star's quiz of the year.

There are totally straight questions. The choices for the question on which British chocolate company was taken over by Kraft are: Nestle, Rowntree and Cadbury.

But then it has a couple of more Star-ish options. For the question on what spilled out of BP's rig in the Gulf of Mexico the options are: oil, sewage, and beer. And the question on Julian Assange gives the options: Wikipedia, Wikileaks and Wikiquickie.

Over to the Guardian for a dose of seriousness.

What could be more serious than: "Ethical goods buck the recession with 18% growth in two years."

Or indeed: "114 Labour MPs oppose Miliband's pro-AV stance."

Take that (in the old-fashioned, pre-man band sense), slumbering news-consuming masses.

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