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09:48 UK time, Tuesday, 21 December 2010

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Poor Vince.

A few days ago, he was featured smiling in the Daily Telegraph, waltzing his way through Strictly Come Dancing.

Now the business secretary is the unhappy subject of the same paper's lead story, threatening to "bring down" the coalition government if pushed too far.

The Telegraph's undercover sting involved two journalists posing as Lib Dem-voting constituents.

According to the full transcript, among his opening remarks were: "Can I be very frank with you, and I am not expecting you to quote this outside."


Unguarded comments made public, causing subsequent embarrassment, but not enough for heads to roll. Yet.

And the word "cable" playing a part.

Sound familiar?

But rather than hearing, Wikileaks-style, what a diplomat thought was going on, this is a first-hand account.

Whatever you think of the ethics of this kind of journalism, it's a reminder of the old, pre-Wikileaks world, and it's shed light on some not insignificant issues..

One of the most revealing insights is that the business secretary believes the coalition is moving too fast with its reforms. And he thinks David Cameron could be about to cut winter fuel allowances for pensioners.

The question now is whether Vince will be able to quickstep his way out of this rumba or he will think enough is enough and just cha-cha-cha...

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