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Your Letters

15:07 UK time, Monday, 18 October 2010

So Chris Huhne thinks that Dungeness in Kent is not a suitable location for a nuclear power station for 'environmental reasons' (eight nuclear locations outlined). I'd venture to suggest that another good reason is that there's already one there.
Sue, London

Today's BBC News website contains a story about a study showing the beneficial effects of dark chocolate on diabetics' cholesterol. What rubbish! The study was on 12 subjects ... that's right, 12 not 12,000. The positive results were minimal. Basically, the study demonstrated absolutely nothing of any value to diabetics.
Cheris Mather, Westerham, Kent

What history rewriting are you planning? African, Asian and Far-East nations were known to do a lot of trading, as accounted by Pero da Covilha and Afonso de Paiva in the XIVth Century. And that XVth Century coin may have already travelled on portuguese ships.
Nuno Aragao, Aveiro, Portugal

Regarding the robot pharmacy story - all very well, but the tech savvy will have spotted that the article mentions the use of iPads but in the video the gentleman is clearly using a generic tablet running Windows XP ... is this a case of terminology confusion? It's fair to say that before the iPad most people had probably never seen a tablet computer...
Russ Tarbox, London, UK

Is it just me, or is putting this (First Click: It's Get Online Week) on the homepage next to this headline (Cyber-crime 'a top threat to UK') more than a bit unfortunate?
Carina, Southampton

I have to say, the Emir of Qatar doesn't look too chuffed to be coming to see us.
Catherine O, Maidenhead, UK

"Mr Tarrant's lawyer Nick Freeman - known as Mr Loophole - pleaded guilty on behalf of his client" (Tarrant fined for speeding). Time for a change of nickname perhaps?
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

My mum tought Dennis Wise art! (Monday's Quote of the Day) - He was useless.
Joe, Cardiff, UK

Hey, Ed, Clacton, UK (Friday's letters) Stop being so hetronormative!
Andrew , Belfast

Many many moons ago, I learned the magic trick of Shift-F3 to counteract my Caps Lock problem, thanks to contributors to Your Letters. Unfortunately however, this only seems to work in Word, so I was wondering, do any of you wonderful people know a similar trick for Excel? Me and my chubby fingers will be forever grateful!
Amy, London

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