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17:52 UK time, Monday, 11 October 2010

With regard to your article High and Dry. Totally agree, the HOA's in many parts of the USA abuse their power to stop line drying of clothes. My HOA in North Carolina allows it if it is screened, and it is pretty easy to do. However, our climate is so warm here we line dry in our attic, and protect the clothes from the dust with radiant barrier. It is easy to do and stops any form of HOA intervention.
Darrell Edgley, Durham, NC, USA

Pedantry fail, Joe in Folkestone: local mean time in Bristol is later than local mean time in London - the sun rises in the east!
Alexander Lewis Jones, Nottingham, UK

"I'm proud to be making entire rocket-launchers and tanks for our armed forces," says Lena, who is stitching a surface-to-air missile system. Quote of the day! Come on!!
Martin, Bristol, UK

I was interested to learn that decoy artillery and tanks are being deployed in my neighborhood. But BBC, how could you call it inventive, when this exact stunt of fake armies was done so beautifully by Britain et al, as part of the Allied Operation Fortitude, which convinced Hitler that D-Day was a feint?
Nadja, Bostonian in Moscow, Russia

Sorry - can't possibly accept your arithmetic on "which country has the best brains". The US has approximately five times the number of people as the UK and France, almost four times as many as Germany, and 34 times as many as Sweden. Revamping those figures against the number of Nobels won, Sweden is the clear winner with a per capita 952, followed by the UK with 585, Germany with 385, the US with 323, and France with 282 prizes. Your article actually was about "most brains" not "best brains".
JennyT, NY Brit

Is this the lady that's been filling my inbox asking for money?
Richard, Brighton, UK

Greetings. Having just completed your survey on the site. I would just like to say thank you. This is the first time I have ever been able to select "English" as an option for my nationality. This has made my day.
Denton Smyth, Hastings, East Sussex

Nadja, wouldn't it therefore also be "dark age" to assume that only females can "mother"? Political correctness is a minefield - I think it's far better to use words as they are generally understood, lest we start talking nonsense... clearly the tortoise did not father the rhino.
Mark, Bridge

"Paper Monitor suspects that - unlike the press - he may be missing the point." (Paper Monitor, Monday) Mystery of PM's sex - solved?
James, London

Monitor notes: Anyone guess who's really missing the point here?

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