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15:47 UK time, Thursday, 16 September 2010

Regarding George Michael's induction question (Thursday's Paper Monitor), would I be correct in assuming that had he got it right he would have been turned away?
Carl Evans, Crepy-en-Valois, France

Sports people, beware. Play badly and you can expect to be arrested. Let this be your warning, we the people of the UK, have given you fair warning of our attitude to a low meddle score in 2012. This is very silly, now no-one can have an off day.
Adrian, London, UK

Re: the papal advisor's ill health, it sounds like Cardinal Kasper is suffering from a disease more commonly found in politicians, foot-in-mouth syndrome.
Andrew, London

Troy in Oz, please do tell us of that thought that one cannot think in French. I am intrigued.
Charlie, Cambridge

"Someone born in 1992 will be 18 this year." Actually, I think all of them will.
Aaron, Lowestoft, UK

My scores in order were 18, 28, 18 and 18. So the inside is working fine (seeing as I'm 40). Now just got to get the outside back to being youthful, which is considerably harder to do.
Carey, Woking, Surrey

I just scored 18, 18, 18, and 18 on your mental agility tests... I'm 50 next month. Does this mean I'm immature.
Rob, London, UK

Andrew (Wednesday's letters), did you really wear a MATCHING tie with your nice blue shirt? That transported me back to the very early seventies, when it was, inexplicably, deemed appropriate for a 10 year old boy-about-town's parents to buy him shirt and tie sets, where the blinkin' tie was made of absolutely the same material as the shirt! And, yes, I had pink and turquoise, both with swirly flowery patterns. I'll get me frock coat.
Neil Franklin, Chandlers Ford, UK

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