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15:40 UK time, Thursday, 30 September 2010

"It is still just one-fourth the resolution"? We have a perfectly good word for a quarter, you know. It's "quarter". I would be heartbroken if "fourth" made it over here from the States. It's particularly exasperating as its country of origin even has a coin called a "quarter", precisely named because it is a quarter of a dollar.
Alex Knibb, Bristol, UK

Re "David Miliband says he won't join brother Ed's team" - Was I the only person to be confused by my internet browser's shortened version of this article's title? "David Miliband says he won..."
Andrew, Cambridge

Re: Is modern life a bar to marriage? Who cares if he is married? Really? It should make absolutely no difference. Daft. Do we expect all CEO's to be married? Euh no! Do we expect all teachers, professeurs, doctors, nurses to be married? Euh no! Daft.
Ellen Woollaston-Cooper @BBC News Magazine

I don't care if Miliband's busy, married or not, but saying they couldn't organise it is rubbish.
Kevin Symonds @BBC News Magazine

I'd agree with Jim O'Connor (Wednesday's letters) if dodgy English wasn't being appropriated by supposedly mature organisations trying to look relevant. It wasn't so long ago that you couldn't throw a brick in Whitehall without hitting a department hastily losing the capital letters from its acronym.
Edward Green, London, UK

Behind every great man... so I'm one of those fools!
Ana Cecilia Leone @BBC News Magazine

I love Monitor parties. Pickled onions are my favourite.
M. Ross, Lancaster, UK

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