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14:29 UK time, Monday, 27 September 2010

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So, Ed Miliband - hit or miss?

Mostly the paper's divide down predictable lines.

The Daily Telegraph's Andrew Gimson skilfully twists Mr Miliband's claim that he is "nobody's man" to frame him as an empty vessel, by way of a literary reference to George Grossmith's Diary of a Nobody (and a bit of a dig at his sister paper).

"Mr Miliband said in an article for yesterday's Sunday Telegraph - an attempt we suppose, to establish himself as Read Ed rather than Red Ed [ouch - was the Sunday Telegraph forced to take the piece?] - that he is 'on the side of the squeezed middle' a description that fits Mr [Charles] Pooter [the book's fictitious diarist]."

The Daily Mail characteristically under-plays Ed's relationship with thwarted brother David:

"Torn apart, the Cain and Abel of Primrose Hill."

And while the Independent unleashes a troika of star political writers to analyse the "Ed Miliband era", none of them can match the Sun's commentator for incisive insight.

"It's troubling to think that Ed could follow [father] Ralph Miliband's socialist leanings. As Karl Marx himself said: 'History repeats itself first as tragedy, second as farce.'"

The originator of these remarks? Katie, 25, from Liverpool, whose picture dominates much of the paper's page three.

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