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12:49 UK time, Tuesday, 21 September 2010

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It's a numbers game in the papers today and what many of them are trying to work out is exactly how many babies Keith Macdonald has had and with how many different women.

On Monday, the Sun reported the 25 year old had fathered 10 children by 10 different women. Today it reports that he has turned down the paper's offer to pay for a vasectomy for him. Just in case he wants more babies in the future.

The Mirror puts Mr Macdonald's running total at 15 children by 14 different women. Although, it says he denies the latest estimate and has only admitted to eight kids.

The Daily Mail reports the same (15 by 14) and does some extra number crunching for readers. Each child could over 18 years cost £50,000 in child tax credits and £20,000 in child benefit, while each mother could receive £30,000 in income support and £50,000 in housing benefit because hardly any of them work. Columnist Bel Mooney also gets stuck into him.

Looking at the photograph of the weasel-faced Keith MacDonald, it's hard to imagine why so many women were prepared to jump into bed with him... Most girls would want to run a man like that under the tap before even sitting next to him on a bus.

But she tries to be fair - and gets stuck into the mothers as well.

You might be waiting idly at a bus stop, as one girl was when she met Keith - but nobody forces you to board a bus going in the wrong direction.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Macdonald receives incapacity benefit for a bad back. No wonder.

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