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Paper Monitor

10:09 UK time, Friday, 3 September 2010

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Don't say Paper Monitor doesn't spoil you.

Hours before the Magazine unveils what insiders are already describing as "one of the best '10 things' ever assembled", PM is whetting the appetite with a round-up of 10 (believable and unbelievable) things from the tabs:

1. Toddlers addicted to smoking can kick the habit.

2. Girls can't kick footballs straight.

3. Crystallised vodka looks pretty under a microscope.

4. Fat men have more stamina during sex.

5. Alton Towers theme park has introduced X-rated channels in its hotel rooms.

6. Some burgers in the US have 4,000 calories.

7. A roundabout near Southampton has 60 traffic lights.

8. Only one in eight primary schoolteachers is male.

9. English sparkling wine is the best in the world

10. Prince Charles has had the same winter coat for 23 years.

Thanks to the Sun, the Daily Mirror and the Star.

Elsewhere, the Hague saga goes on, with all the papers canvassing opinion on how well the foreign secretary has been handling the story. But some of the coverage hardly shows British journalism at its greatest.

The Telegraph uses unnecessary nudge-nudge tactics by showing an old photograph of Mr Hague grappling on a judo mat with Sebastian Coe.

And the Mirror turns to disgraced former MP Neil Hamilton, who offers sartorial advice to Mr Hague.

Referring to the widely-published photograph found here, Mr Hamilton questions why Mr Hague "appeared in public dressed as though on a Gay Pride march..."

Not sure what kind of Pride marches Mr Hamilton has been attending...

...but Mr Hague's sweatshirt, rolled-up sleeves, sunglasses and baseball cap hardly scream the kind of flamboyance that makes Gay Pride marches like this one so popular.

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