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16:50 UK time, Friday, 27 August 2010

HarperCollins said it was "disappointed that the BBC has chosen to spend licence fee payers' money to suppress this book". Never mind the book - I'm disappointed that the BBC has chosen to spend licence fee payers' money on making Top Gear in the first place.
Sue, London

Why should images and symbols of the UK's heritage say anything at all about modern Britain? I'm personally fed up of "designers" criticising everything from passports (a legal document, not a coffee table art book) to Olympic logos (a bit of fun to attract the kids, not a statement about the ethics and ideals of the UK). Probably just annoyed they didn't get the gig...
Dan Wilkinson, Chesterfield, UK

I can't be the only one who had flashbacks to Toy Story and The Claw machine ('oooooooooh') after reading this headline: Tiger cub 'found in stuffed toys'.
Lizzie, Poole

I agree with Joanna Jones (Letters, Thursday). Might be handy with the second child, but a week at the most!
Joanne R, London

Re. Should we bother learning French? Me thinks we should start teaching English first ...
Steve Wheat @BBC Magazine

Martin (Letters, Thursday), I too am without a coat today but i could lend you my hi-vis vest if it would help?
Claire, Nottingham

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