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16:27 UK time, Thursday, 26 August 2010

Re the politics of paternity leave. Mine saved up his holiday and took four weeks off. I couldn't wait for him to go back to work so I could get into a proper routine and not have to look after him too!
Joanna Jones @BBC Magazine

It would seem the politics of paternity leave are quite liberal in a conservative way or is that conservative in a liberal way? Oh, lets not labour the point!
Stuart Duffy @BBC Magazine

I sincerely doubt that, despite its title, the picture in "Camerons reveal daughter's name" was taken at the time of the birth.
M Ross, Lancaster, UK

I'd love to know how many letters you get suggesting that Gallimaufry must be the home planet of Dr Who.
Caroline Brown, Rochester, UK

Re Re Wednesday letters: Isn't Gallimaufry where Dr Who comes from?
PollySaxon, Lichfield

Vic (Wednesday letters), a far more likely origin of the phrase taking the mickey is that the cockney rhyming slang appendage "bliss" was dropped, as is quite common in rhyming slang. It seems probably unlikely that the sort of people who started using the phrase were aware of what micturation means. I haven't got a coat today, so am a bit lost as to what to do now, apart from also wash my hands.
Martin, Europe

Vic - a brief internet search tells me this is the most unlikely of several possible explanations for the phrase. Most likely, it seems, is that it's cockey rhyming slang for 'taking the Mickey Bliss', but quite who said Mickey was is not clear. I'll get my weasel.
Jimmy, Devon

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