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18:22 UK time, Wednesday, 25 August 2010

"Surprise is often the ability to appear without warning and in force." The other times being when you give them warning, but they don't expect you to turn up and when you turn up on inflatable rubber dingies wearing bright green gorilla costumes singing Radiohead's No Surprises.
Edd, Cardiff

Mark's comment (Tuesday letters) about urine-powered cars taking the mickey, yes, it might well be, since the phrase "taking the mickey" is a shortened form of "taking the micturition", which, in turn, is a more arcane term for... well, you get the picture. I'll get my coat once I've washed my hands.
Vic, Tunbridge Wells

Liking the use of the word gallimaufry in the E numbers article.
garethholt, @bbc_magazine

Tsk tsk, no special articles about GCSE results? Must try harder...
Adam, Nottingham, England

Defoe poised for groin operation - I would have thought that lying down for the surgeon would have made it easier.
Lester, London, UK

Best line from Compensation for sheep costume football fan set on fire: "People threw alcohol to try to douse the flames, but without success." A flaming brilliant idea.
Steve, Catford

You have to admire the tenacity of the people fighting to save Ringo Starr's old home, but in this age of celebrity campaign heads I can't help noticing that they are currently without one. Which is strange, because if you needed a bona fide celebrity with prestige, clout, money, and a deep personal connection to Ringo Starr's house, there's one who immediately springs to mind.
Edward Green, London, UK

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