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16:13 UK time, Thursday, 12 August 2010

I was impressed with myself when I managed to grow courgettes in my garden, but given this story it now seems too easy.
Phil, Guisborough

Interim spelling with interim paint? "A spokesperson said the paint was "interim paint" that is used before the final paint is applied."
Jenny T, NY Brit

Afternoon! Now, as I approach my fortieth birthday, I find that I am sounding more like my parents than ever but may I just say that while trolling through the "Have Your Say" comments on the proposal that music is becoming too sexualised, this seems to be little more than a forum for varied species to be vaunting their own musical tastes rather than actually commenting on the question. Shame on you! Did you not read your exam question properly, boys and girls? Apologies for rant and all that, old Monitor, love, but I do get a bit cross about this sort of thing!
E Q-P, Leeds

Wendy (Wednesday's letters) The telephone was invented and developed in an English-speaking country where we read from top to bottom, left to right. Calculators and computers were developed in Japan, where they read the other way round.
Alan, Salford, UK

Re: The one dollar coin and the non standard unit of measurement. As a scientist, people using unorthodox units of measurement make me mad. So, the distance to the ISS is roughly 350KM on average, and 1 Double Decker Bus is 4.4m Tall. So from earth to the ISS is about 79550 Double Decker Busses, and the height the coins would reach as mentioned in the story would then be 556,818 double Decker busses. As they say on the heart of gold, Normality restored! PS any idea what that would be in Nelsons Columns?
Chris, Ely Cambs

Adam (Wednesday's letters), it's: E, G sharp, B, F sharp, E, F sharp, E, F sharp, E, G sharp, F sharp, C sharp, E, C sharp, E, E, C sharp, F sharp, E, C sharp, C sharp, C sharp, C sharp, B , B. I wouldn't tell you any more, otherwise EMI might take it down.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

Like Wendy (Wednesday's letters), I too wondered why keyboard numbers and calculators have their numbers in the opposite order to telephone keypads. The reason is that the keypad of keyboards and calculators are different is that the first security keycodes had been invented before the touchtone telephone, and did not require the extra + - % / keys and so the touch tone adopted this 1 ,2 ,3 at the top rather than 1 ,2 ,3 at the bottom as it too only required 12 keys. Thank you Wikipedia.
DS, Croydon, England

"Most of us turn to our mum for support during hard times, we just don't do it walking down a beach in a skimpy bikini, long blonde hair blowing in the gentle breeze - mum included. For the rest of us, it usually involves sitting on a settee, red-eyed, with a box of tissues nearby to blow our runny nose." One tick in the 'PM is a girl' column; they are adding up y'know.
Janice, Faversham

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