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13:01 UK time, Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I never knew that there was such a thing as "criminal mischief" but given that there is, I'd have to agree that it's a pretty good description of what this guy did.
Adam, London, UK

"In stark contrast to the UK's long working hours, high taxes and increasing retirement age". Rubbish. Australians have longer working hours (unofficial overtime) than any other developed nation, much higher taxes than the UK (as we found out) and the retirement age is to be raised. This is just because no-one comes on working holiday visas to South Australia, much preferring Queensland (and who can blame them!) OK, just a tad biased, perhaps.
Susan Thomas, Brisbane, Australia

There is another factor keeping the dollar note in play - the American tradition of tipping absolutely everyone. On an evening out, you'd need a big clinking bag of dollar coins to replace the quiet, thin wad of dollar notes that come in so handy.
Edward Green, London, UK

Is this an average looking Jordanian public sector worker?
Frank Dumont, London

Oh how I wish there was sound.
Phil, Guisborough

I'm very disappointed to see that this article doesn't use the internationally recognised unit of measurement: the double-decker bus. Who in their right mind would want to visualise the International Space Station?
Cat, UK

Mark (Monday's letters) - are "paramedic wagons" something new that I've not experienced, or are they just regular old ambulances?
Dan, Cambridge

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