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11:51 UK time, Thursday, 26 August 2010

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As if the cyber-hate wasn't enough, Mary Bale - who will forever be known as "cat bin woman" - now feels the full force of tabloid disgust.

"CAT BIN BRUTE IN QUIZ" says the Daily Mirror.

Does this woman's gall know no bounds? Going to a pub quiz when the eyes of the nation are on her shows a compete lack of sensitivity... and what kind of team would dare have her anyway?

Oh, sorry. Just read on. Turns out she's not "in a quiz" but she's being "grilled" by the RSCPA. Sounds a bit excessive...

For the Sun, this is no laughing matter. The paper is outraged that Miss Bale apparently laughed when telling reporters "it was only a cat".

This is a serious issue, the Sun implies, a tone only momentarily tested by its barrage of puns - "FURGIVE ME", "COPS PROTECT PURRMINATOR" and "BIN AND GONE"

Fur is flying in the Daily Mail, although it can't seem to make up its mind if its cat, dog or the finest ermine.

It says that at the BBC "the terms Old Etonian, public school and Oxbridge appear to have become insults".

The headline a few pages later that urges Top Gear's "public school bullies" to stop picking on The Stig might undermine the argument, although perhaps Top Gear staff have a different background to the rest of the BBC.

Let's look into the Mail's archives to clarify matters...

Ah, here we are. "Oxbridge snobs control the BBC" (2007).

A lot must have happened in three years.

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