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12:47 UK time, Thursday, 19 August 2010

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What happens when science and the tabloids collide? Hardened readers of equations, superscript and peer-review journals are advised to look away now...

Those with a sterner constitution for transgressions of academic protocol should turn to page 22 of today's Sun, which has the story of Dr Arto Inkala who has devised the "toughest ever" Sudoku grid.

(Running the story is, incidentally, a neat way for the papers to give their Sudoku-loving fans an extra puzzle for the day, free.)

To the Sun the Finnish mathematician is a "maths genius", a "brainbox" and a "maths wizard".

The Daily Mail brands the doctor a "mathematical whizz".

The Daily Mirror is more restrained, billing Dr Inkala merely as a "number cruncher"

The Sun takes the opportunity to turn Dr Inkala's grid into a competition in its own right, inviting readers who can solve the puzzle to call the paper before it prints the answer tomorrow.

But pity the switchboard operators at Sun HQ today. The solution is already online - something the Mirror readily points out.

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