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11:11 UK time, Monday, 9 August 2010

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Warning. Reading the papers today may leave you feeling very hungry and thirsty. You can't turn the page without seeing a story about food or drink. And there is a suggestion that comestibles like the humble plum are responsible for strengthening emotional bonds and building business empires. What next - world peace?

The Sun pretty much credits Damson plums with enticing Kate Moss from her partying ways. It suggests the fruit could soon be responsible for making the "plum-crazy" supermodel lots more money and creating a family business that can be passed down to her daughter. She and Lila Grace have also been "bonding" during their jam-making sessions.

A source - you know, the type of source who is close to Ms Moss but remains nameless - is suggesting that making jam out of the plums growing at her country estate in the Cotswolds is doing all of the above. The power of the plum - who'd have thought? Move over Liz Hurley with your own brand of organic beef jerky.

A report about Robbie Williams nuptials in the Express reveals that guests toasted the bride and groom with Earl Grey tea rather than champagne. The Daily Mail says the wedding cake was chocolate with sea salt and baklava. Really? A lover of something more traditional, Paper Monitor wouldn't have been in any hurry to get a slice.

The Times has a whole page devoted to the exotic crops that are now being grown in the UK. Melons from Litchfield, kiwi fruit and olives in Kent, grapes in Yorkshire and Darjeeling tea in Cornwall. Quite frankly, Ms Moss could be doing something a bit more adventurous than plum jam if she put her mind to it.

Feeling hungry yet?

If you're on a diet, then page 27 of the Sun might offer something in the way of an appetite suppressant - pictures of a naked rollercoaster ride.

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