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16:18 UK time, Tuesday, 27 July 2010

How realistic is it for women to want the Joan Holloway body shape? I think women should be inspired to be any shape they want to be and feel happy with. After all; egg timer, pole vaulter, cuddly... they are all shapes. Why all the fuss? We don't have "How realistic is it for men to want the Brad Pitt shape?"
Steve Wheat @BBC News Magazine

"I want to be a hexagon..." - Karen, Outnumbered.
Malcolm Rees @BBC News Magazine

Might BlackBerrys pose 'security risk' say UAE authorities explain the rise in popularity of blueberries?
Sue, London

I competed in the 1500 m track in London 1948 (How to stage the Olympics on a shoestring). You say that local athletes stayed at home - I lived four miles from the stadium and stayed at RAF quarters in Uxbridge, to stay at home was voluntary.
You state British athletes had to make or buy their own uniforms; I was supplied with blazer, tie, trousers, beret and tracksuit.
Opening ceremony you omit to mention the magnificent choir conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargeant.
Doug Wilson, Winchester, UK

This headline - Fire at Watercress Line steam railway in Hampshire - made me laugh, fire is generally what you need to make steam.
Jay, Southampton

Thanks Basil. I deliberately left Monday's letters to read at work this morning to cheer me up, and end up getting reminded why today is such a bad day after all. Although personally I was a lot more miserable yesterday. Happy Tuesday everyone!
Louise, Surrey

Rats! Now I shall spend the rest of the day trying to work out if Dick Savage's letter is a brilliant example of post-modern irony or - not...
John Whapshott, Westbury, England

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