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16:40 UK time, Friday, 16 July 2010

Oh dear. What does it say about me that I felt a tear coming to my eye just from reading this article?
Adam, London, UK

Glad to discover that despite the upheaval of the new site design, Magazine Monitor-endorsed units of measurement are still being used widely.
Andrew Agerbak, Harrow, Greater London

A little tip for Fran, from Brill, (Letters, Wednesday) - the new design has made it even easier to find the Magazine! Slap bang at the top of the page, second row of links, under UK. So easy you don't even need to scroll down!!
Steve Bowman, London

Not only is there a link to the Magazine at the bottom of the News home page, but there's also one at the top, in the red set of tabs. Panic over! *twitch*
AnnieMouse, Farnham, Surrey

My thoughts on your new look website - does it come with satnav, as I am wearing out my back button? And computer says No
Adrian, West Midlands

As a self-confessed grammar pedant I couldn't refrain from drawing attention to one of my pet grammar hates: "women were asked to lay on their front"? "Lay" is transitive - you lay an object down; "lie" is the correct intransitive verb to use here.
Jenny, Basingstoke, UK

Given that dinosaurs laid eggs, does that mean that chickens were around before dinosaurs?
Colin Edwards, Exeter, UK

Re: "squatting toilets" in Rochdale - any idea what the symbol on the doorw will be?
grumpuoneuk, Ilford

Two recent stories have jumped out at me: babies born at home are more likely to die than those born in hospital and now out-of-hours births are more risky. I don't know how our daughter survived being born at home at 7.30pm on a Saturday evening!
DaveP, Sheffield

Everyone knows Kes was a Peregrin Falcon!
Beth, Chichester, UK

If we (Letters, Tuesday and Wednesday) are referencing movies for the use of the word "weaponised" I would like to nominate Batman Begins. The scarecrow releases a "weaponised hallucinogen" on the slums of Gotham City. This is in fact the correct use of the adjective, describing a normally non-military object (i.e. a narcotic) being used as a lethal weapon. It does in no way mean armed.
Rob, Crawley, UK

"To all my nurnberg fans..."
I'm guessing Pink's thinking here was along the lines of 'Hmm, it's not in the US so I'll just spell it kinda how it sounds if you say it with a lazy American accent....'
SL, London

Teenagers complaining about youth discrimination (Paper Monitor, Thursday) are overlooking one thing. If I discriminate against someone for being elderly, they can't go away and become younger; if I discriminate against them for being gay, they can't go away and become straight; if I discriminate against them for being black, they can't go away and become white. But if I discriminate against someone for being young, they literally can go away and become older! It's nothing personal - they just have to wait a bit and they'll get the same treatment as everyone else.
Edward Green, London, UK

Tim, Don and to some extent, David (Letters, Wednesday). There's worse: Honeywell have the acronym ADD - or, Accidental Death or Dismemberment. So there's little use reigning in disturbisms (LURID)...
Adrian, Douglas, Isle of Man

Regarding this there actually training and licensing for removing road kill? I would have thought "Get shovel and scrape it up" would suffice?
Michelle, New Zealand

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