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15:50 UK time, Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ooh, another new look to the BBC News. I am sure you'll have your usual naysayers, but once they have found the link to the Magazine (towards the bottom of the page, centre left) they'll come round!
Fran, Brill, UK

Has the news website sub-editor joined the Refresh Resistance, is it just coincidence that "Features and Analysis" sees "Welcome to our new look" immediately followed by "Rip it up... ...and start again"?
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

The coded messages from the Refresh Resistance continue. Features & Analysis: "Welcome to our new look" now followed by "Planning an exit". Yes!
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

Re: Is it ever OK to call someone a Nazi? I have been called a Grammar Nazi; I take this as a rather warped compliment.
Ian Oliver @BBC_magazine

In response to: Is it ever OK to call someone aNazi - what of self-confessed grammar nazis; should this descriptor, too, be a faux pas? I've no doubt many Monitor readers would label themselves as such.
Si, Leeds

Not sure where the author was a little confused with their choice of animal for the picture at the bottom of this story - isn't it ostriches that are popularly thought of as burying their heads in the sand, while tortoises retreat into their shells?
Nicola, Bristol, UK

David in Hong Kong (Tuesday's letters)clearly doesn't work in the defence sector. A whole jungle of jargon exists beyond weaponised - mostly in acronym form. Spies are not spies but Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Operatives. Soldiers are warfighters. Full-spectrum dominance means blasting the bad guy from every angle. Network-centric warfare is being able to communicate on the battlefield. I think I'll leave my COAT (Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade).
Tim, London

David (Tuesday's letters) - "weaponised" must surely be a word, because it was used in the critically aclaimed GI Joe movie. It was at the point where they took some nanobots and used a nuclear accelerator to fire lasers at them. I can't tell you how much that annoyed me - though it turned out not as much as the bit later in the movie where an explosion caused an iceberg to sink.
Dan, Cambridge

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