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11:35 UK time, Tuesday, 6 July 2010

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Following in the footsteps of Atticus Finch, Tony Parsons and Ricky Martin (probably the first time that sentence has EVER been written)...

...Ronaldo is a single father.

Not the Brazilian footballer with weight and dental issues, but the Portuguese former Man Utd winger, who says he has "exclusive guardianship" of a baby. The identity of the mother remains a secret, although reports suggest she resides in North America.

While some papers set out on a quest to find out who the mother is, others like the Times go for a simple play on words: "Ronaldo dribbling... He will definitely have a nanny, but not the one [midfielder Nani] at Man Utd..."

There are some more inventive attempts at spin-off features.

The Times, again, has some advice for Ronaldo from single father Matthew Collins, who raised two boys on his own for a decade.

No-one prepared me for the sheer joy of seeing my child ride a two-wheeled bike for the first time or the panic and pain of having a sick child at midnight. No matter how much money you've got, these are things that - like me - you are going to have to experience alone. You will not be able to share the emotional intensity, both positive and negative, with your mother, your sister, your friends, as they will never have the same appreciation of that moment as the other parent would

Over at the Telegraph, there is a dash more cynicism, as they pick out some of the more unorthodox parenting habits of the rich and famous.

Talking of eccentric slebs, it's Prince Week at the Daily Mirror, which is gearing up for its role as chief distributor of the pop star's new album - the CD will be given away free on Saturday.

As well as his musings on the future of the web, there are some interesting streams of consciousness, such as:

It's great to give away my music through your newspaper. God is a generous and loving being. It is written that we should act like God. There are enough opportunities.

All hail the Mirror's new role as the Lord's distributor of crossover funk-R'nB-pop-rock on Earth.

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