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15:31 UK time, Monday, 28 June 2010

Re: Thieves steal kitchen sink from South Africa police. It's a good job that the thieves didn't steal the toilets otherwise the police wouldn't have had anything to go on. Mind you, if the thieves had raided the police dog supplies the police could have followed several leads... I'll get me coat.
Mike Harper, Devon

Now that England are out of the World Cup the M25 will no longer have those golden 100 or so blissful minutes when there is very little traffic on it. Back to queueing then it seems. Darn you Germany!
Martin, High Wycombe, UK

Brilliant comment from someone called Tony Grant in the Magazine archive piece on 10 uses for an unwanted England flag.
"Put your flag in the washing machine on a hot wash until it becomes pink. Then you can easily turn it into a big girls blouse!"
Chris Laidler @BBC_magazine

Regarding the Quiz of the Weeks News and the question regarding the England Vs Germany stats. "It's roughly 50/50. England have won 12, Germany have won 12" Erm...does 12 all not make it exactly 50/50? Or is it just me?.
Lisa, Reading, UK

General McCrystal eats only one square meal a day. I guess the rest of his meals are rectangles and circles. Maybe, that is why he saw the White HOuse folks as wimps.
Kamaroon, Kandy Sri Lanka

I don't want to be a pedant, but... (by the way, do all pedants' letters start like this?) This week's 10 things picture from Boakesey doesn't appear to contain any monkeys at all. Monkeys have tails so unless they are all playing 'tuck your tails in to confuse the photographer', my guess is that what has been snapped is 10 apes.
Tanya, Reading, UK

Ellie (Friday's letters), Bounty bars are one of my favourites, and I regularly switch between milk and dark chocolate at will. I don't eat meat, but I eat fish and seafood. I'm 6ft 5ins tall (I don't do height in metric) and weigh 10 stone (ditto). I have long hair and tattoos and an estimated IQ of 183. Analyse that...
Graeme, Woking, Surrey

Ellie (Friday's letters), both my dad and husband love Bounty bars (dark chocolate for preference), whereas I can take or leave them... theory disproved or statistical anomaly? I'm a Topic girl myself, and was rather distraught when they were removed from the tin.
Jude, Melbourne, Australia

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