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16:56 UK time, Thursday, 10 June 2010

As well as authorities keeping to a certain standard (Loophole may clear speeding drivers), perhaps the drivers should too. Like, you know... the speed limit?
Sharon, Nailsea, UK

More than 600,000 homes is probably a sizable town (Paper Monitor)? That sounds to me like an extremely large town - there are cities in the UK with less inhabitants, never mind that many "average family homes".
Mel, Newcastle, UK

How unsurprising that the chap in England fan turfs his front room for World Cup lives with his Mum.
Paul, Marlow, UK

Re tip five in Is that woman pregnant or fat?, I believe the technical term for puffy ankles is "cankles".
Ralph Allison, Chatham, Kent

Re the tips for commuters, Jimmy Carr once summed it up perfectly: "It's better to see a pregnant woman stand than a fat woman cry."
Andrew Wall, London

Please, whatever you do, do not (I repeat, DO NOT) look up the origins of the name the "security group" mentioned in this story.
Si, Leeds

Monitor! You should be ashamed of yourself. Those aren't Ugg boots.
Luisa, Frome

I would appreciate it if everybody at the BBC stopped calling football "soccer". Thank you.
Shane, Southampton

John, Ken, and Amanda (Wednesday letters): Sorry, you've lost me there. What World Cup?
Adam, London, UK

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