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15:50 UK time, Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Re: A bad reputation. Based on the fact that 15 tonnes of CO2 is produced per year per person, that means (on average) 1,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced over your lifetime. So, surely the biggest saving, environmentally, is to not have a baby. Although that is almost never mentioned as our carbon solution.
Tom Webb, Surbiton, UK

About plastic bags - more boxes in supermarkets is a good idea, and we should be encouraged to use them and take them back. The almost complete lack of meaningful plastic recycling in this country is nothing short of a complete joke.
Tony Chung @BBC_magazine

I think that half of the problem with all this recession hoo-haa is because all these researchers are declaring that something might happen, people are panicking and then that has a knock on effect that causes it. These people should be shut in a dark room and made to think about what they've done... Rant over... Thank you for your time.
Liam, Northampton

Nominative determinism strikes again! Of course, usually in war films and such, the person (nick)named Lucky is always the one to get killed by a stray bullet in a highly ironic fashion.
George, Edinburgh

When a way of measuring niceness is agreed, has anyone devised a unit for it? Wishing your boss a good morning, would be 0.3 Blastlands. Say give 1m euro to Haiti Relief Fund, we'd have 350 Blastlands, or, 0.25 Ghandis.
Nuno Aragao, Aveiro, Portugal

Hm. Me thinkzs Old Gzr has played Buzz a few times too many - surely the test is if you can even consider the maths involved in calculating the units of alcohol in the glass in front of you, you've had too many.
Rahere, Smithfield

Paul Marlow (Monday's letters), I always thought that the Queen/Kings official birthday dated back further than the Coronation in 1953. Indeed, I always thought it was marked by the Trooping of the Colour, and has been since the 17th century. I thought that this was moved to June at the turn of the 20th Century in the hope of having good weather for it. And really has nothing to do with the Coronation.
Trish, scotland

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